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It is a fact that there are specially tailored shoes for each type of occupation. However, it seems to be somewhat more confusing and tougher when it is the matter of choosing a pair of nursing shoes cheap for yourself. I touched on some reviews for discount nursing shoes in some article’s I wrote out. You can check that out here.


This is because nursing asks for constantly moving legs for no less than 12 hours. Now, this can be an expensive demand if nurses start ignoring the strain or pressure on legs obtained from such constant moves. There is hardly any other occupation that makes one toil so long for service.

Nurses, therefore, have to deal with several sources of hazards that other occupations never ever trigger, ranging right from spilled liquids floors to short stairs and fast moving stretchers. In fact, most conditions are such that they require nurses to move fast for giving in immediate response, especially when patients respond unfavorably.

To fulfill all such demands, nurses need the best shoes. The term ‘best’ here means the most comfortable, flexible, durable, and reliable. For most of us, the best nursing shoes also need to be cheap, so that it is affordable.

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Cheap is Not ‘Cheap’ but Affordable

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Most experienced nurses, if you ask, would say that do not buy nurses shoes cheap, as such a pair can damage your feet. Okay, this is true and not fake, as there are such cheap shoes on sale whose prices are far down the normal market price below. However, this does not mean that you should not buy discount nursing shoes or nursing shoes on sale from reliable dealers.


Cheap shoes do not necessarily mean low in price; they can be low in quality and functionality as well. However, this is one interpretation. The other understanding is: Quality and comfortable shoes available at discounted or affordable price. So, most of us actually wish to have both the interpretations of a cheap nursing shoe pair: Quality and comfortable pair affordable price without any functional con.


As compared to those high-end nursing shoes, the cheap ones might not last for years but they are going to be satisfactory for until the number of years they last. After all, most of us would not like to buy a very expensive pair of shoes for using it daily. Still, one can have such a pair if the budget permits.

Your Best Discount Nursing Shoes Pair

discount nursing shoes

Nursing is hard on not only feet but also other parts such as back, hips, knees, and ankles. Therefore, if you choose a wrong pair of cheap nursing shoes on sale, you will end up hurting even these parts of your body along with the feet.


So how do choose the best pair at the best price? Well, the first to realize is that a good pair for your friend or colleague is not necessarily a better or good pair for you. How many experienced have you heard of someone feeling very proud of a pair from a popular brand and you not feeling comfortable in the same?


This experience tells you that there are many things to consider for buying a good pair from the collection of nursing shoes on sale. Still, the common interpretation of ‘good shoe pair for nursing’ is that the pair should exhibit the more comfort than normal walking shoes or much like running shoes, along with the stability of a working boot even in a messy situation.


At the same time, the pair should take care of your feet, ankle, knees, hips, and back. Let’s now check out what all things contribute to this comprehensive care.

Factors to Consider While Buying Nursing Shoes Cheap

nursing shoes cheap

A pair of nursing shoes on sale should also be comfortable, safe, stylish, and lasting for satisfactory period. These are actually the features that any nurse would expect from nursing shoes, regardless of whether it is affordable or expensive. Keeping these features in mind, here are some of the most important factors to consider while buying nursing shoes cheap:


Feet Size

Does this sound silly? Well, then you are only aware of your current foot size. What you need to know is that with time, feet tend to change in size, even in adults. While the span of change might be small, it is likely to make a big difference when it comes to choosing the right shoe size as well as comfort level.


What is even more interesting to know is that each one of us has feet that differ a bit in terms of size. So, do measure the size of both the feet and buy a shoe pair by considering the larger foot. To be more appropriate, measure your feet when you are standing and at the end of the day to find out any signs of swelling. If yes, you need to consider the inflated size.


Arch Size

Focusing on this factor along with the feet size maximizes your comfort level. So, do find out the type of arch you have. A few people have flat feet (no arch) to pronate foot alignment, some have high arch to supinate, and the rest have normal arch.


Many of us have different length and height of the arc, which plays a major role in the fitting of the shoe. This is perhaps why a branded shoe with ideal fit for one person might not be the same for another.


Shoe Weight

Well, shoes should be lightweight considering that the pair will be used for long hours daily. A clunky or heavy pair does not give that you desired comfort level. Even the outsole should weigh light.


Support and Stability

Because work for long hours is inevitable, buying a pair that ensures support and stability is also unavoidable. These two factors actually contribute to both comfort and overall health. The support should be extended to ankle and back during the work routine to alleviate or get rid of pain in those areas. If this is not happening, you are simply inviting leg and back issues.


Both these performance factors are also affected by the construction material, design, shape, and height of the shoes. Today, nursing shoes, both cheap and expensive, are available in different styles, designs, and construction materials.


For example, you will come across styles such as clogs (most affordable), crocs, and slip-ons. Well, each style has its own pros and cons, as per the feet type, medical condition to heal, and working surface. As a tip, you can try combining different features and see which one suits you the best.


If you have to choose between plain nursing shoes that are healthy and stylish nursing shoes that are okay and not so comfortable, go for the healthy pair. Do not choose style over health. It is really ‘cheap’ to do so!


Construction Material and Durability

nursing shoes cheap

The material used to make the shoe pair contributes to the comfort and durability features. Premium leather and rubber of top grade are best materials to choose. However, when it comes to choosing nursing shoes cheap, premium leather might not be an affordable choice, although it is the most durable choice. Again leather might not be ideal for those who wish to get rid of sweating while wearing shoes.


So, it is best to choose top quality rubber, as it is safe, very comfortable, and flexible yet stable. With it, you will surely not go to a store every now and then. Do not choose synthetic leather, as it is not so comfortable.  


As you work continuously for hours in an extreme condition, a good pair of shoes is going to toil more on your behalf. Therefore, it is recommended having a durable pair of shoes. For durability, both leather and rubber rank the same. In fact, they are the most durable and reduce cost by not making you purchase a new pair quite frequently.


Slip Resistance

This is something that you just cannot avoid or ignore when it is the matter of purchasing nursing shoes. It is common to come across spills or liquids on walking floors, which can lead to slipping accidents. So, choose a pair that comes with good grip retained throughout the day! Especially the outsole needs to be resistant to slipping.


Although choosing the most reliable brand is vital, it is somewhat mandatory when it is the matter of buying cheap nursing shoes. Such a collection is famous and reliable from brands such as Dansko and Nurse Mates. Let’s check them out!


Dansko has been in the shoe industry for over 25 years. So, there is no question of doubting its quality. It is admired for its variety of affordable, quality clogs that are designed to appeal the nurses, when females or males. The brand provides third-party approvals for slip resistance factor and podiatric value of these clogs.


Started by a small family as a small store in Europe, Dansko is now an evolved name for clogs for nurses.  These shoes are not only comfortable and stylish but also take care of the back, legs, and feet. This is the reason why despite being so affordable the brand is now highly competitive. Another unique feature of these nursing shoes is that they are 100% handmade.


If you were to ask about Dansko nursing shoes to any of its customers, you will hear praises of how durable, healthy, as well as comfortable the shoes are, despite working on feet throughout the day. There is no feeling of pain or strain at all.


Another appealing brand to consider is Nurse Mates. It is older than Dansko with almost 50 years of experience for making shoe designs primarily for nurses and other such busy workers. The brand is currently admired for its innovative designs and functionality, which add to the overall comfort. Style, more affordability, and professional look are the selling points.


In terms of pricing, Dansko is relatively on the higher side. The idea is that you get what you pay for. Its shoes are independently endorsed for safety as well as comfort. On the other hand, Nurse Mates has a medium range pricing scale. However, it offers time proven designs that ensure comfort.


Apart from these two, there are some more good brands such as sketchers and Cherokee, which are known for stylish designs.


Top 5 Cheap Nursing Shoes


  • Is a breathable leather slip-on clog with synthetic sole and shock-absorbing rocker outsole of polyurethane, a blend apt for many work environments. Such an outsole pushes your foot forward for a cozy gait, while the insole of plush memory foam gives the desired arch support and cushioning throughout the day. There is a reinforced toe box defending the toes and making them relax, while the polyurethane inner frame ensures great walking stability.


  • Is for male nurses who wish to have comfort throughout the busy days. The shoe pair is made up of leather and features a rubber outsole that absorbs shocks and ensures durability, a contoured leather insole that ensures comfort, and smooth leather upper that ensures durability. The design is of a closed-in clog with faux-wood platform.


natural uniforms

  • Is perhaps admired for its extremely light weight and flexible clog design with non-marking sole. The construction material is EVA foam, which is resistant to microorganisms. You are ensured of slip resistance, high arch and foot bed support, and all-day comfort.



  • Is a sleek slip-on ensuring extra comfort as well as support at anytime and anywhere. It is flexible enough to facilitate a custom fit. The pair is made up of rubber and features a man-made sole, soft leather upper, non-stain finish, and shock absorbing polyurethane outsole that is resistant to slipping.


Softwalk women's meredith

  • Is a lightweight professional design stirred by the diligent heroine of ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. This clog features a caring dual-density footbed of memory foam and a flexible sole that is resistant to slipping and ensures lasting comfort throughout the day. You are also ensured of heel and arch support.



At the end, each one is going to a different opinion about discount nursing shoes. However, none should have the opinion that cheap means cheap in functionality, while buying such a pair. Just apply the aforementioned buying factors and you will get your nursing shoes!


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