Finding Good Shoes for Nurses

The Quest To Find Good Shoes for Nurses


Working as a nurse is not a child’s play, as it requires consistent dedication and hard work throughout the shift of 12 hours or more. For most of the times, a nurse deals with really critical situations, which usually include commanding doctors, troubled patients, and needy co-workers.

Now, if in these situations, a nurse cannot afford to have frequent feelings of discomfort or pain in legs or back. As a nurse, one has to be on feet constantly due to which something soothing and reliably supportive during longer shifts. If your looking for some reviews of a researched selection of really good nursing shoes. Check out my Review I wrote up here.

This is exactly why she deserves a pair of good nursing shoes that allows her feet to stay relaxed as well as free of pain while at work. Spending so many hours on feet really becomes comfortable by having such a pair of shoes.

There are many good shoes for nurses that claim to offer good comfort by reducing pressure or stress on back and legs. They also offer overall good protection. However, many of those designed for nursing can be non-supportive or cheaply made to crop up some side issue.

Luckily, there is no need to choose from any of these categories. With this guide dedicated to best work shoes for nurses, you will be guided to choose the most comfortable pair that is trendy, practical, and professional.

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Why You Need Good Nursing Shoes and How They Are Different from Other Types of Shoes


If you think that nursing shoes are those typical tennis or sports shoes, you need to rethink. In reality, shoes for nurses differ from those that are for sports and other purposes. Unlike other shoes, the nursing shoes are made to give and retain the comfort level for several hours without triggering any health risk. Similarly, they are softer, lighter, and more durable.


Last but not the least, these shoes are also costlier but worth that money of yours. For the money invested, you enjoy a variety of benefits, which are as follows:


  • Posture support to avert leg and low back pain or disorder and retain good posture for performing with more endurance in daily chores
  • Stable arch support, which is a vital consideration for choosing healthy footwear without any low or high arches and increasing comfort level
  • No fatigue and its related issues such as muscle cramps, low back pain, and leg arthritis
  • No slipping or falling injuries due to non-slip soles and water-resistant material construction proving sustainable even on slippery floors
  • Speed and flexibility due to light in weight
  • Maximized comfort even during busy shifts


Are you still not convinced? Here are the other benefits of wearing a good pair of nursing shoes:


Different Styles to Consider for Best Work Shoes for Nurses


Asking from where to buy nursing shoes to an expert opens up the way to several online and offline options. However, when it comes to knowing its different varieties, there only three main styles, each suitable for particular needs and environment.


  • Slip-on: Are for those who do not want the hassle of tying up laces or are on the go. A slip-on style eliminates the need to tie laces repeatedly and the chance of unwanted cross-contamination. These shoes come with closed rear end and are analogous to normal running shoes.
  • Clogs: Are recognized as the most comfortable shoe style with open back and closed front. Such a style is best for those who like spacious pair capable of releasing pressure from different points on the feet. For a perfectly tight fitting, clogs are also available with straps in the rear. Similarly, for odor and sweat removal, they also come with more holes on top. Most of them are made up of rubber.
  • Sneakers: Are best support shoes for emergency situations wherein speed and productivity both need to go parallel, such as in the ICUs. These shoes not only cushion your feet but also defend them from spills.


Factors to Consider for Buying the Best Nursing Shoes



Good shoes for nurses, due to its variety in terms of design and style, can be somewhat confusing to choose. Even in terms of functionality, each of these shoes tends to differ and consequently render somewhat distinct feel. To enable you to choose the best support shoes for your nursing job, here are the most significant factors to consider and compare for different promising models:



It is certain that nursing shoes are light in weight but still you can come across some clunky or somewhat heavy pair for your feet. Such a wrong choice can deeply impact your feet to take away your mood, comfort level, and feet’s good health.


Its main symptom is the feeling of agitation or discomfort. So, avoid such shoes at work and choose the one that are at least comfort giving, if not ultra comfortable. Well, the latter would be the best choice to make.  


If you are a nurse who sits on a desk, then some amount of heaviness is acceptable. However, this is not acceptable at all if you are on your feet constantly. Aside from lightweight, do also look for factors such as compressed socks to boost overall comfort by improving blood circulation.



Obviously, without the right sized shoes, none of its good features is going to work. A tight pair will invite discomfort, while a loose one will make it tough for you to step or walk fast or even smoothly. So, choose a pair that is in line with the size and width of your feet. To know the right size, cover your feet with socks and then purchase the shoes.

Design & Shape

The main styles are already discussed above but you should choose from them as per your work environment, feet size, and medical condition if any. As a tip, it is ideal to ask your colleagues as to how they feel about their own and get an idea of best nursing shoes.


You can even ask a foot doctor for choosing the best shape and design. He or she might suggests for a flat feet with good arch support. It is also recommended knowing about the policy of your working place, as some clinics or hospitals do not allow some types of shoes for safety purpose.



You are supposed to choose a pair of nursing shoes by taking your daily work into consideration. So, you need to recollect answers to the following questions:


  • Do you lift bulky or delicate items?
  • Do you sit and work or stand constantly?
  • Are you suffering from some medical condition?


Most nurses face all of the above situations. In that case, a good doctor can suggest you the best pair of work shoes as per your budget as well as requirements, including health concerns.


Many nurses consider buying two types of styles and switch between them as per the task to be performed. For example, while sitting for a long time, soft comfortable shoe pair is used, while a slip-resistant and protective pair is worn while moving or standing for hours.

Slip Resistance

This is a critical safety feature to have in any nursing shoes that will be used in an environment where the walking or climbing surface is glossy or slippery. Most nursing shoes, for this purpose, come with anti-slippery soles or material. You can even look for shoe grips sold separately for added protection.


Stability and Support

Not only comfort, even stability and support are equally important. This is because nurses tend to work continuously for several hours and they need something reliable for their health. It is recommended choosing a pair of nursing shoes that ensures superb back and ankle support while at work. It also should remove pain in foot, leg, and back or else medical issues can crop up in near future.


Construction Material

This material plays a vital role in contributing to stability and comfort. It makes up the shoe, which is usually top quality rubber and premium leather. However, leather is infamous for its ability to retain sweat, which negatively affects the comfort level. Even synthetic leather is not recommended for the same issue. The key here is that the material you choose should ensure safety, comfort, and durability.

Quality of Upper Material

This material needs to be easy to clean as well as durable. Many love leather and natural suede as upper material due to their stylish look. However, if spilling is prevalent in your working area, they are not the right choice. This is because these materials can be problematic but it depends upon their protective layer.


Arch Support

arch support

This is a critical factor that contributes to the comfort level. The arch length and height tend to vary from one individual to another. Therefore, not all shoes are best for all. A few shoes will claim that they have low or high arch. So, you need to choose what best suits you.


Sole Grip Material

Well, the soles material needs to be easy to clean, durable, and grippy. It should also have a good level of traction. This is where rubber is always preferred.



The aforementioned factors have a great impact on performance and reliability. Therefore, it is best to consider them for buying good shoes for nursing. After all, such a pair is a valuable asset for your hard working feet.


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