Finding The Right Nursing Shoes For Men

  What do look for in Nursing shoes.

nursing shoes mens

Gone are those days when only women used to be nurses, as more men are pursuing the nursing profession. Unluckily, this also means that even these nursing men are vulnerable to foot problems while working constantly for long hours. However, the good news is that there are good qualities nursing shoes mens. If your looking to head straight to some Male Nursing shoe reviews. Head to this page.


The collection of such shoes is really commendable. Just like females, even males can choose men’s white nursing shoes or men’s nursing clogs. Well, this also raises the same issue of perplexity for choosing the best pair of nursing shoes. To overcome it, here are the essential buying factors to consider.

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Wearing a comfortable pair of nursing shoes is essential for your physical as well as mental wellbeing. This is because it aims to alleviate or remove the discomfort and improve focus on your work.


For having such a pair of shoes, it is essential to get your feet measured to know the size, arch type, and foot alignment. For example, if you have a high arch and supinator alignment, a cushioned pair of shoes is essential for comfort. This is how you get to know the right shoe type.



Support ensures that your form is proper at the time of walking, which prevents excessive strain on your back, knees, ankles, and feet. This also means that there will be less or no fatigue due to which moving around becomes a breeze even after working for continuous eight hours. Many men’s white nursing shoes offer such support. Some of them even come with a durable sole to ensure sufficient protection and shock absorption.



Well, you have three main options namely, sneakers, slip-ons, and clogs. Sneakers are fine for working in a fast paced work area or if you are experiencing pain in heel or back, or plantar fasciitis. They provide comfort required during long work hours.


Slip-ons are ideal for those who do not like tying straps or laces or are fearful about the risk of undone laces. They are affordable and offer comfort and support.


Men’s nursing clogs are perhaps the most comfortable and stylish types with spacious front and open rear. Such a design gives much ventilation, good posture, good gait, and pressure point relief. Consider a model with a bit wider toe box if you are having bunions and deformity.


Outer Material

The most common choice here is white leather, as it facilitates the feet to breathe. However, even synthetic materials with holes also ensure the same. Of the two, leather seems to be less durable, especially in messy work conditions. Another option is rubber, which is cheaper and safer to work in messy conditions.


Slip Resistance

Oh yes! This is certainly required for working in wet conditions so that you can move rapidly as well as confidently. Above all, you move safely, as you do not end up injuring yourself or others. To ensure this, you need to choose reliable outsoles.


The most common ones are rubber, synthetic, and polyurethane. All of them have almost similar benefits in terms of grip improvement but significant difference exists in terms of price. So, do check them out!

Orthopedic Insoles

In case you are suffering from a foot condition or plantar fasciitis, nursing shoes mens are not enough. You need special nursing shoes with removable insoles. Nowadays, many types of footwear allow you to remove its present insole. However, you need to ask for it and confirm it.



Sufficient airflow is essential or else sweaty odor and discomfort are likely to come back. Such an odor can also pave way for athlete’s foot and other such infections. So, along with cool feet, odorless feet and hygiene are equally important.



Men’s white nursing shoes are comfortable and supportive but only if you choose a pair by considering the above factors. That’s a smarter way of shopping for your health!

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